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Good real estate agent

The Real Estate Agent- the main engine and adviser of choosing the perfect property for you!

The main purposes of every buyer as choosing a real estate are basically two:

  • buying a property for own needs
  • buying a property as making an investment and making a profit of the bought real estate

The good real estate agent always tries to advice his client that every bought property is a good investment for future.

The good real estate agent reveals detailed and true information about the real estate they are talking and about the location of the property.

Independently of the purpose of buying the property, the view of the real estate agent gives you an opportunity to set yourself an overview about the condition of the market, about the current prices of the real estates in certain regions.

The good real estate agent tells you the history and at the same time the future development of the area where your wished property is.

The good real estate agent tells you the new building processes in a form of projects, as clients to be able to make an all-look of the whole new building, the quality of building, the architecture and the construction of the building, the used materials, the history of the building company, a good real estate agent gives you an opportunity to make your own view about the quality of work of the building company as showing you old and finished projects made by it.

In case, You’d like to buy a real estate by Mortgage Loan from a Bulgarian Bank you can rely that a good real estate agent will give you the best conditions for a mortgage loan according to your needs and demands.

To choose your good estate agent visit the office of VIA EGNATIA Ltd, where you will be served with quality according to the property you are looking for. The specialists of VIA EGNATIA Ltd will give you detailed argumentations about the type of property and the market price based on the knowledge of the term “real estate”.

VIA EGNATIA Ltd saves its right to refuse an engagement for intercession, if the price of a property set by you is unreal, having in mind the certain condition of the market.  


  • Set your demands in details
  • Tell your purpose of buying this property
  • You should ask for full information about the property- photos, floor plans, details about the location of the property and its region
  • Make an arrangement with your agent to view the property at place
  • After the made inspections tell your thoughts about the property to your agent
  • When you choose your property consult with your agent about the prices and the condition of the property you are going to buy
  • Let the negotiations about the property to your agent
  • Trust to your agent , according to his work experience and profecionalism


Conclude a Contract for Commission

To conclude a contract for commission is compulsory and guarantee the protection of the interests of our clients, as setting exactly the obligations of VIA EGNATIA to its clients.

The client may choose whether to give all intermediary rights to VIA EGNATIA or to save his right to buy a real estate with the help of other real estate agencies.

The client pay a commission only in case of buying a real estate with the help and intercession of VIA EGNATIA.

Steps for concluding a notary contract

Buying a real estate property can be made in several steps or in one step as straight concluding the notary contract

 I. Giving a deposit

If you’d like to buy a property, with VIA EGNATIA, you can leave us a Guarantee deposit for your property. With this deposit your real estate is reserved for a certain period of time until the time for making a preliminary contract or notary contract. The deposit is saved by VIA EGNATIA and it gives the deposit to the builder as following certain rules.

II. To conclude a preliminary Contract

As the buyer agrees with the property price and condition, VIA EGNATIA organize the process of concluding the preliminary contract.

The contract is made by a lawyer and the sighing of it is made in the presence of the real estate agent. The client can consult with his own lawyer about the contract and to be made correction in a purpose of maximum satisfaction of both sides of the property deal.

The buyer has the right to choose his own lawyer and notary, without any changes on the commission of the agency.

When signing the preliminary contract the buyer gives to the seller 10% of the price of the property and both sides arrange a certain period of certain rules which should be carry out until ending of this period and after that concluding the final notary contract.

In the day of signing the preliminary contract the client pay the commission of VIA EGNATIA. The commission includes all need documents for making the property yours.

/ The Estate is drafted by the respective Municipality, Obtain a tax valuation of the property, Issuance of certificate of good standing for seller and buyer, Obtain a Non-Encumbrance certificate from the Real Estate Register, Obtain a certificate of paid taxes, Obtain a Social Insurance Certificate, The notary executes the transfer deed, Registration of the notarized deed at the Registry, Parties receive a copy of the registered deed/