—дружение брокери на имоти

To sell a property



      As you have taken a decision to sell your property, you need to carefully examine the condition of the market with the help of the Real estate agents. By them you will understand detailed information about the market, the prices of the different types of properties in certain regions as to be able to define best price for your property and to make a contract for commission.

I. Define the price of the property:

  • The Real estate agents give a motivated stand-point about the possible selling price of your property based on the condition of the real estate market.
  • The client – seller saves his right to define a new price without considering the price fixed by the real estate agency.
  • VIA EGNATIA can refuse intercession of the real estate as the price modified by the seller is utterly unreal.

II. Conclude a contract of commission

  • Concluding a contract of commission guarantee you a security of our clients’ interests as written certain obligations of VIA EGNATIA.
  • Before concluding the contract you can discuss all clauses in the contract and to consult with a lawyer.
  • With this contract our client- the seller of a property is not committed with VIA EGNATIA for exceptional rights at the intercession.
  • The clients pay a commission only in case of selling their properties with the help of VIA EGNATIA.
  • As concluding the contract the seller should give full and detailed information to VIA EGNATIA about the property and all deeds connected with it.

III. INITIAL view of the property

  • After agreeing with the offer, the real estate agent compulsory should visit and make an inspection of the property with a purpose of gathering the needed information about its condition as well as the region and the location of the property.
  • The contract of commission may be sign after the initial view of the property is made.
  • After the inspection of the property the real estate agent should make professional and individual presentation of the property.

IV. INSPECTIONS of the property with potential clients- buyers.

  • The inspections of the property with potential clients can be made with or without the presence of the owner- the seller only with his agreement.
  • The real estate agent inform the seller in advance about forthcoming inspections of the property as coordinating the time and place of the meeting of both sides.
  • Through the inspections of your property you can rely on the professionalism of VIA EGNATIA real estate agents and not to show initiative through making the negotiations about your property which can lead to a negative result.

V. Steps of concluding strike

1. To transfer a deposit

  • In case, the buyer tells that he’d like to buy the property, he can leave to VIA EGNATIA a deposit for a reservation of the property for a certain period of time until signing the preliminary contract.

2. Concluding a preliminary contract

  • As agreeing with the seller about his conditions of the property, VIA EGNATIA organize a meeting with both sides, the seller and the buyer as to conclude a preliminary contract
  • When signing the preliminary contract both sides agree with defined periods of time, prices and conditions as to go to a notary and to conclude a notary contract.
  • When signing the preliminary contract the buyer gives to the seller a deposit. /usually 10% of the property price/
  • The contract is made by the lawyers of the agency. The lawyers fee is connected with the preparation and signing the notary contract included in the commission of the agency.
  • The seller has the right to confide the preparation of the documents to his own lawyers or notary.
  • At the day of signing the preliminary contract the client pay the stipulated commission of VIA EGNATIA.

3. Conclude The notary Contract

  • VIA EGNATIA prepares the documents for concluding the notary contract and ensure a notary for the deal without adding additional fees.
  • The client has the right to choose his own lawyer or notary.
  • The real estate agent is at the signing of the notary contract and when the seller takes from the buyer the money for the property. The real estate is booked with clearing any questions connected with the process.
  • The real estate agent is at the assignment of the property. Usually the assignment of the property is made at the day of signing the notary contract, sometimes have cases when the assignment of the property is made in a later period of time /when there is an agreement of both sides/.
  • The assignment of the property is a law action which gives the buyer /the new owner/ all rights over the property.